Saturday, 14 January 2012

My week that was

The author of another blog about family life "Mummy, Daddy and me makes three" has started this idea of a regular weekend post "My week that was".  I like it!  An opportunity to sumamrise the week in a journal type of way.  And so I've decided to get on board and join in! 

So here's Ju's week that was...

Sunday - We enjoyed a  lazy family 'pyjama day'. I was made to watch a lot of Harry Potter - by The Eight Year Old and The Husband - as 'homework' in preparation forThe Eight Year Olds birthday party for his school friends.

Monday - The holidays were over and it was back to school for The Eight Year Old and back to University for The Husband.  We were all considerably grumpy.  I cheered myself up by discovering Pinterest. I now love pinterest and I'm sure you all will too soon enough.

Tuesday - I was very happy to launch our (mine and The Eight Year Olds) new food blog called Cocoa & Fig which will chart our 2012 culinary food adventures.  It feels great to be doing something like this with my eldest son.  Since having The Baby six months ago it's much harder to create the opportunties for my eldest and me to have time when it's just us - especially now he's getting older and more and more wanting to be playing with his friends or by himself a lot of the time.  I am determined to create more opportunities for us to spend time doing stuff together without me being distracted by 'the next feed' or 'just getting The Baby to sleep'. Making me less happy was the 'homework meltdown'!

Wednesday - Me and The Baby met one of The (very lovely) friends for coffee and a catch-up.  Wednesday also saw the rise of our latest parenting dilema when The Eight Year Old was upset about an incident at school  with a boy in his class who seems to think it's ok to push and shove the other children. Not good.

Thursday - The Baby surprised me by how much he can now kick and splash in the bath - I got soaked!  The Parents came over in the afternoon when me and The Eight Year Old prepared a dinner of jacket potatos.

Friday - I decided to begin 'Fabulous Friday' on this blog.  From now on, Fridays are to be dedicated  to something, or someone, that I am finding to be particularly fabulous that week. This week it was my Fabulous Friend who's been poorly and feeling low.  At teatime The Eight Year Old went off happily to his Dads for the weekend and I felt sad that he had gone.  He will sleep there now for five nights.  Thankfully, I collect him from school each day and he'll be at home with us until his Dad collects him after work.

Saturday - Today. The Husband, The Baby and me had lunch with family.  The Husband's cousin gave me a beautiful butterfly picture that she had crafted for me which put a huge smile on my face. Then it was back home for a lazy afternoon.  We think The Baby is teething so he's not been on top form.  He's also currently taking antibiotics for the nasty coughing infection that we've all been suffering from. I wish there was more we could do to help him feel bettter.  He's never grumpy for long though and can usually be jollied along to raise a smile.  I decided this evening to keep PMT at bay by drinking gallons of tea and stuffing my face with mini eggs.  It may not be the healthiest of approaches but my, it 's making me feel a whole bettter!

Happy weekend people!

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  1. Hey hun, thanks for linking up- sounds like you had a great week. I really enjoy hearing about everyones little things that make their week. I love pj days- sometimes there is nothing better than knowing you don't have to go out all day. Well done on launching a new blog- one of my new years resolutions is to learn how to cook properly! And I also must admit to eating mini eggs when I have PMT! xx Katie