Friday, 27 January 2012

Fabulous Friday - Birthday girl

There is really no contest today as to who or what is fabulous on this fine Friday. One of The Friends has a special birthday today...she is 40!  You know who you are lady :-) 

The pre-birthday 'fancy lunch' shared
by me and my friend yesterday. 
This very dear friend of mine is my longest standing friend. We met on our first day at secondary school when we were eleven years old.  We have been through thick and thin together.  From giggling like loons during maths lessons to leaving home and starting our first jobs.  Our lives are so entwined now it feels as if we are family. For all intents and purposes we are sisters.  This is heightened by the fact that our Mums are now good friends too and I love to see our children playing together.

We have often found ourselves in the most ridiculous and random comical situations. I could share them with you but they probably wouldn't be nearly as funny to anyone else, I guess it's a case of 'you had to be there'!  I love these times that we've shared and I look forward to many more!

When me and The Husband got married last year, The Friend in question was my 'Best Woman'.  She gave a fantastic speech that summed up our friendship - a mix of ridiculous humour and heartfelt love and support.  Her daughter was one of our bridesmaids and my friend ended her speech by saying that she would be very happy if her daughter ever found a friendship like ours.  It touched my heart then just as it does now as I write this.  Me and my friend are in agreeement that as far as friendship goes, we set our children a pretty good example.

When it was my 40th birthday a few months ago my friend gave me a photo of us on a school trip when we were aged 12.  We are pictured floating down the Ardech River after capsizing our Canadian Canoe.  The caption she had written underneath reads:- 

""Well, life can only get better...." they thought unknowingly, as they drifted down the Ardeche  Gorge without canoe or paddle in June 1985."

When I opened this gift at my birthday party, The Husband took this lovely photo of us (shown below) pictured with another wonderful friend - the two of them form the foundations of my support network. 

I have given my friend who is 40 today, a framed copy of this photo along with this note in response to the caption she wrote to accompany the river photo she gave me of our younger selves:-

"...and did life get better?

In many ways, yes.  But as they floated down the Ardeche River all those years before, neither of them could have foreseen how bumpy the road ahead would be.  One thing is for sure though. No matter what ups and downs life may throw at them, they can be safe in the knowledge that they will always have a dear friend around to love and support them through it all."

And so, I say 'Happy Birthday' to my dear, beautiful, generous, creative and talented friend who I love very much - "Today, you are 40 and fabulous! Wishing you a wonderful day and a great weekend of celebrations".  Jx



  1. Gorgeous cake! Lucky you to have each other!

    1. Hello! And thank you for your kind comment about the cake!
      :-) I'm really starting to get into cake decoration, sugar paste is a bit like playdough that you can eat! I do feel excepionally lucky to have the friendships I's nice being able to express some appreciation of these relationships via the blog. Jx

  2. Wow.. and incredible collection of stories and images that are testament to an equally incredible friendship. So heartwarming to see :)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment, I really apreciate it :-) Jx