Friday, 20 January 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Welcome to week two of Fabulous Friday.  If you've been keeping up with this blogs recent goings on, you will know that since last week, Fridays are now dedicated to someone or something that I am finding to be particularly fabulous that week.

This week, sparked off by a chat with The Eight Year Old last night, I give you, on today, Fabulous Friday, my fabulous wedding ring.  The conversation went a little like this...

The Eight Year Old - "I like that ring Mummy".

Me  -"Thank you Sweet Pea.  I like it too. Very much".

The Eight Year Old - "You wear it a lot don't you?".

Me - "Yes Sweetheart, I wear it all the time, I never take it off".

The Eight Year Old - "Why do you like wearing it so much?"

Me - "Because it reminds me of lots of wonderful things".

The Eight Year Old - "Like what?"

Me - "Whenever I look at this ring I think about The Husband.  I think about all the things I love about him. And I feel very very lucky.  I also think about you because you brought out this ring to us in the wedding ceremony which makes it extra special.  And that makes me think about your brother (The Baby) because he was in my tummy at the time.  I also think about my very dear friend who gave me and The Husband this ring.  It previously belonged to his Grandma who left it to him when she died.  And he gave it to us.  So you see, when I look to this beautiful ring, I feel very loved, and very lucky, and very happy ".

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