Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The Husband has recently become the 'close-the-door-police'. It's since we finally gave up the dream - after three years - of installing a wood burning stove in the living room.  It's just a little bit too pricey for us at the moment and has had to be put down the list beneath sorting out the kitchen and the bathroom.  And so, instead of fulfilling the wood burning stove dream we did the sensible thing and had the existing gas fire recommissioned to get us through the winter.  It's made a huge difference to the house which, even with the heating on is usually freezing in the colder months.  Now we are all toasty and warm and the fire doesn't look too bad either which is a bonus! 

When the fire is on, The Husband - quite rightly is very keen (read 'obsessed') with the door being closed to preserve the heat within the living room.He can often be hear booming "DOOR" as me and The Eight Year Old drift thoughtlessly in and out.  Fair enough, he makes a fair point.

It's just a shame that the idea of closing the hallway door (which separates the front door from the rest of the house) and using the draught excluders (to keep away the draughts from the front door) doesn't seems to resonate with him in the same way.  He denies this paradox of course.  This conversation took place between us only this very morning after he'd been to the front door to take receipt of a delivery...

Me - "I think it would be a good idea if we were to keep this hallway door closed and use the draught excluders as vigilantly as we now keep the living room door closed."

The Husband - "Oh come on, I do mostly".

Me (with raised eyebrows, a look I'm particularly fond of) - "Do you really?"

The Husband - "Yes, usually".

Me - "Oh.  Then I think the invisible man must be following you around and undoing all of your good work".

The Husband (grinning cheekily) - "Yes, that could be the truth".



  1. After five years and several conversations just like yours, we put in a wood-burning stove last November. It has been a wonderful addition, and heats the whole house so no more closed doors!

    1. I now have severe wood-burning-stove-envy Lesley!