Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Today is the third anniversary of when we me and The Husband got together.  Exactly three years and one (calendar) month since our first 'accidental" date.  Over the weekend The Husband could be overheard telling The Baby that it seems hard to believe that it has only been three years.  Particulary, he said, given that we got married last year, have become a family of four, and, on top of all that, we've managed to have been on holiday about nineteen times.  Ok, not quite nineteen times but it would be fair to say that we've packed a lot into three years.

I sometimes take time to consider what makes the relationship we have so special.  So different from anything I've known before. What makes it feel (most of the time) so easy? What makes it work?  The Husband helped me to pinpoint an answer to this question recently.  On the day of my 40th birthday party at 'Ju's birthday castle" surrounded by my closest of The Friends, all of us dressed up in ridiculous costumes, I became quite overwhelmed with happiness.  The Husband and me took a moment or two away from the party and I thanked The Husband for everything he had done to make it happen, for giving me such a special weekend to remember.  I said that I couldn't believe how much he supports me and how one minute we can be talking about an idea and the next we are making it happen.   The very fact that we were there, having a party with my dearest friends in this wonderful building just three months after having The Baby was evidence of this in action. Nothing seems to be too difficult, or silly, or shouldn't be thought of or done. 

In response to this The Husband said the lovliest thing to me...  "that's why it's so good with us.  We encourage each other and make things happen, things we probably wouldn't do on our own. That's what it's all about. Making things possible and making life easier for each other to make each other happy, and that's what we do. There's nothing we can't do now we have each other".  It made me melt.  Still does. 

And it isn't always the big things.  More often than not, it's the simplist of things that make the most difference, For example, I like to relax by reading magazines, the glossy (some would say) over-priced monthly kind.  I'm particularly partial to interior design, house related magazines.  Now, rather than mock me for this interest or go on about how much they cost or claim that they a waste of money - as I've encountered in the past  - The Husband will me bring me home one of these magazines when he's been to the shops, without me even asking.  Things like that mean a lot.  In a similar way I try to support his love of anything sport-related - most of which means nothing to me.  I attempt to engage in the stories he tells me about sporting incidents that have caught his interest in the news.  And I try to make sure he gets the time to watch sport on TV. I even make an effort to join in the discussions about his online 'fantasy football' team which is not always easy - for either of us! - but at least I try.

Of course we sometimes disagree and argue.  We can be really quite good at it.  But, after a bit of practise, we're now also quite good at sorting things out.  We know that it's not about being right or proving the other one wrong.  It's about finding a way to make things ok for us both.  We're a team.  We want the best for each other. And we realise that the other is trying their best to make things good for us.  I could drone on now for hours about The Husband's wonderful relationship with The Eight Year Old and about what a fantastic Dad he is to The Baby - but I'll save that for another day.

And so, I just want to say to The (mostly wonderful) Husband.  I can't imagine my life without you in it.  Thank you for the best three years a girl could hope for.



  1. Yes, three amazing years since that wonderful/funny/ridiculous night at The Washington. I'm hoping that night is going to get a blog post of it's own soon so I'll not mention any details... except to say that I'll always remember you bundling The Friend in to that taxi, slamming the door, and shouting 'take him to Hillsborough' to the driver. And we were alone at last!

    And here we are three incredible years later, and as I look across at you showing me The Baby's chubby legs I can't believe how lucky I have been.

    I love you, The 8 Year Old and The Baby with all my heart and look forward to seeing where our adventure takes us next. xx

    p.s. we forgot to sort out the fantasy team today... we've left RvP as captain, was that the right decision??!

    1. I take full resposibility for the fate of the team! Jx

  2. Lovely post! Happy Anniversary! PS. Another fabulous party by the sounds of things! Emma :)

    1. Thank you :-) It's starting to sound as if all we do is party isn't it! There may well be a post waiting to be written about that... Jx