Thursday, 5 January 2012

And then there were three

So, following our month of ‘accidental’ dating  - and once I had accepted that The Friend was actually interested in me despite my being seven years older than him and my having a son - things were going swimmingly with me and The (by this time) Boyfriend.  We quickly realised that we were onto a good thing and had found, in each other, a ‘keeper’.  We put this to the test by getting each other to read one of our ‘deal breaker’ books – he insisted I read ‘The Time Travellers Wife’ and I got him to read ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’ - we passed with flying colours, each enjoying the recommended reads.
We spent lazy evenings at home, cooking, listening to music and talking. Walks in the country and pub lunches were savoured and enjoyed.  Despite his dislike of decorating The Boyfriend had even helped me with wallpaper stripping and painting in the falling down house that me and The (then) Five Year Old had recently moved into.  As we became more sure of each other and our future together, there was nothing to stop us from introducing the idea of there being an ‘us’ to The (then) Five Year Old. 

Throughout our years together, since the time when me and his Dad had seperated when he was only eighteen months, me and The Five Year Old had  been lucky that The Friends had always been a big part of our lives. Day trips out and holidays have often included one or more of The Friends and so it was therefore not unusual for The Five Year Old for outings to involve other people than the two of us. The Boyfriend had been a part of this group (although on the periphery not, at this time, in the inner sanctum) and had therefore already met The Five Year Old at a couple of gatherings previously.  Things were different now though.  Now it really mattered how well they got along.  We planned a day out together.  The Boyfriend became increasingly nervous as the ‘big day’ approached.  

We went to a favourite local spot of mine and The Five Year Olds, I had guessed that The Five Year Old would enjoy showing The Boyfriend the things he liked to do there.  We ran through the woods, ate ice cream by the river, fed the ducks and played in the park.  The two of them got on well.  It was early days, but things were looking good.


  1. Ju join @love all blogs on twitter and join the community its great lots of lovely people on there :) You two are such cute romantics! x

  2. Am already loving @love all blogs - with eight children, Mammasauras is, I suspect a super hero... Jx