Thursday, 26 January 2012

Alien rights?

The Eight Year Old was doing some homework last night that was about Human Rights.  A great thing for him to be learning about I'm sure you'll agree.  From a list of thirty human rights he was to pick out five, draw a symbol to represent each one and then write a sentance about why that particular human right was important to him.  Quite tricky for an eight year old really but good to get us talking to come up with a suitable respone.

So, imagine my surprise when I discovered he was drawing two aliens getting married.  Not sure if this means he's missed the point completely or if he's simply taking it to a new level!


In other news, me and The Eight Year Old have been busy cake making together. See how we got on by taking a look at our blog Cocoa and Fig by clicking here.


In other, other news...I've just realised that today I've inadvertantly dressed The Baby as "Where's Wally"

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