Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The 'accidental' first date

Picture the scene.  It’s early January 2009 and the first day back to work after the Christmas break.  Motivation was, to say the least, low, There was much need for something to look forward to.  As The (then) Five Year Old was staying with his Dad that night, it seemed rude not to grab the opportunity to round up some of The Friends - who happened to work at the same University as me - to see who was up for a bite to eat and a drink after work.   Rather selfishly (at least I thought so), many of our usual group had, before Christmas, had the foresight to think that they wouldn’t be ready to be back at work that day and had booked leave – workshy part-timers the lot of ‘em.

Thankfully, one of The (then) Friends was at work that day and available.  We arranged to meet.  The two of us had never been out alone before and I wondered how it would work without the other members of our group around.  As it happened, it turned out rather marvellously.  The conversation flowed and the evening flew by.  I had seen a completely different side to The Friend and had been surprised by how much we had in common.  And by how I had enjoyed myself. And by how much I liked him. In a different way than before.  I hadn’t wanted the evening to end.  But end it did.

As we left the bar, it felt a little bit as if someone had engineered a film scene for us, although this romantic notion may have been fuelled by the wine we had shared. Snow was gently falling, silently carpeting the ground.  This of course created the perfect excuse to hold on to each other to avoid slipping over.  All too soon the skate-like walk to my bus stop was over and I was on my way home.
As I lay in bed that night I wondered if anything could come of this. Or was I being ridiculous and completely misreading the situation?  I’ve always been rubbish about reading such situations and after the difficult breakdown of my relationship with my son’s father three years previously I still wasn’t feeling as if my instincts were to be trusted. 

As it turned out, a month of ‘accidental' dates with The Friend followed – lunches, tea drinking, cinema going, dinner eating.  And after weeks of wondering about how the other one felt, we eventually admitted our feelings.  Now all we needed to do was work out how this new development would be delivered toThe (then) Five Year Old….


  1. It does sound like a scene in a movie. How romantic.

  2. Thanks Ellen, it certainly felt that way at the time :-) Jx

  3. Awwww, it does sound really romantic and I can just imagine all the awkward wonderings of does he? does she?

  4. It was very romantic... and both exciting and terrifying in equal measures!! Jx