Thursday, 15 December 2011

What's going on?

Something strange has happened.  The Husband is ill, but rather than milking a low grade ‘man flu’ for all it’s worth, he’s genuinely feeling – and looking (sorry The Husband but it’s true) – rubbish but he’s trying to pretend he’s feeling ok.  All in all, it’s a funny thing.  Remember that episode of friends  where Monica is determined to prove she doesn’t feel rotten from flu because “illness is for the weak”?  Well, that’s exactly how The Husband is behaving.

The more I try to get him to rest, the more he wants to do.  Well, enough is enough.  After an hour in his company this morning - during which time he insisted on making me cups of tea in-between his sighing and groaning and the awful cough that he has – I have put my foot down and insisted that he goes to bed for a few hours…we could all do with the rest….

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