Thursday, 8 December 2011

Santa is a busy man

Now that we’ve accepted that it’s full steam ahead with the build-up to Christmas, we have begun ordering Lego by the truckload.  It seemed only right and proper to check with The Seven Year Old that we were actually purchasing the items he most desired.  And so, with a little encouragement, he carefully put together a list ordered by preference whilst I bit my tongue and resisted asking just how much Lego is too much Lego for one household???

As is the way every year, I remind The Seven Year Old that he is unlikely to get everything that he is asking for on his list.  After all, Santa – or Father Christmas, depending on your mythical title of choice – has lots of children to deliver presents to.  This white lie I tend to mix in with an explanation more based in reality - that we can’t afford to buy all of the presents on the list to ‘send to Santa for delivery’.  I’m surprised that we have gotten away with this for so long but The Seven Year Old has never questioned these somewhat hazy ideas of what goes on.  I think these days, The Seven Year Old is actively choosing to not question any of our stories,  maybe he's thinking that for now its better not to know the truth.  I don’t think he will be a ‘believer’ for much longer.

I remember when The Seven Year Old was only three.  We were living in a part of town that is on one of the city’s tram routes.  Each year one of the tram drivers dressers up in a Santa costume and waves to the passengers as they disembark.  At the age of three The Seven Year Old thought this was amazing.  After getting off the tram one day close to Christmas, me and The (then) Three Year Old were having the “you may not get everything you ask for” chat when in a very serious manner he said to me… “yes mummy, because Santa is very busy”.  Pleased he was beginning to play along. I replied “yes he is, with all of the children all over the world to deliver presents to”.  “Yes mummy.  And because Santa is very busy driving that tram”.


  1. Hi, I have just come to your beautiful Blog from 'love new blogs'. I'm looking forward to reading more of your story. Nicole.

  2. As a hoarder of Lego I find myself asking the same question. I'm thinking that if you have enough to Lego to be standing barefooted on at least 10 pieces a week then you have too much!