Saturday, 17 December 2011

Random DIY

Today I ‘accidentally’ started redecorating the kitchen. I realise that must sound strange.  Here’s how it happened.  Whilst The Parents were over visiting and busying themselves playing ‘hotels’ (?) with The Seven Year Old and cooing over The Baby, I decided to put my ‘time off’ to good use.  I took out a tin of paint to tidy up a few areas  ofthe dining room.  More precisely, I needed to paint the patch of different coloured wall that had recently been exposed due to us moving a large mirror. Although I very much enjoy decorating – which The Husband thinks is, in itself, a bit weird - I have to admit to being a ‘lazy’ decorator.  I’m very impatient and like to see quick results so the thoroughness of preparation and moving things don’t tend to feature too much in my style of decorating.

So there I was with a large tin of ‘Aged White’ emulsion in my hand and a paint brush at the ready.  I painted the patch in the dining room that I had intended to paint but it needed a second coat.  It seemed rude not to keep myself, and the paint brush, busy whilst I was waiting for the first coat to dry.  And so there I was, balancing precariously on a chair in the middle of the kitchen randomly painting the previously bluey-greeny-grey (I forget the name of the acutal colour) wall when The Husband and The Seven Year old caught me red-handed. 

“What are you doing Mummy?” exclaimed The Seven Year Old, “I’m not sure I want to know” muttered The Husband.  This isn’t the first time they have been witness to this scenario. The Seven Year Old would prefer it if things stayed the same for a little longer instead of waking up to different coloured walls from time to time and The Husband points out that maybe it would make more sense to complete the many outstanding jobs aound our home rather than randomly redecorating.  He makes a fair point, I can’t disagree.

At this point The Male Parent (aka my Dad) walks in to the room.  “Don’t stand still for too long you two” he says to The Seven Year Old and The Husband, “or you’ll end up being painted too”.  He thinks he’s a funny man does The Male Parent.  Well, if you’re listening old man… you’re not funny.  Except that we both know that he is quite funny.  But more about that next week.  

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