Monday, 5 December 2011

Low-tech Sunday

Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday.  When I set my stall out to write this blog, I had intended – unless we were away from home holiday-ing or weekend-ing  - to publish a new post every day.  But, quite frankly, yesterday I decided that it was high time to have a day at home away from the laptop.  I have come to realise that me and The Husband spend an extraordinary amount of time tapping away at the keys of the two laptops that we own.  If you were a fly on the wall in our home, you would think we were both running multi-national web based businesses that couldn’t survive without us for more than a moment.  And quite clearly, that isn’t the case.

And so, after a lovely day spent catching-up with two of The Friends who were visiting yesterday, I decided that I would not, do what has started to come far too naturally, and immediately reach for the laptop the moment they left.  No.  Instead, I would give The Husband, The Seven Year Old and The Baby my full attention instead of trying to multi-task my way through the evening.  I’m not sure The Husband really noticed the difference. I hadn’t shared my non-laptop intentions with him and he was rather busy at the keys of his own laptop to realise something unusual may be occurring.   Me and The Seven Year Old watched (and I mean really watched rather than looking at the screen occasionally in the pretence of watching) old-style Batman, we played, we chatted, The Baby observed and cooed approvingly and we had a thoroughly enjoyable low-tech evening.  It was fab. 

And so, from now on, I am going to completely avoid the laptop on a Sunday.  In future, Sundays shall be reserved for full on family time with no distractions.  Just like Sundays used to be…before shops began to open every day of the week…before we surrounded ourselves with enough technology to ensure that we never switch off from what’s going on in the wider world - if we're not emailing we're faceboooking, if we're not tweeting we're blogging.  Enough is enough. 

Only time will tell how long this will last for.  Watch this space. But not on a Sunday. Obviously. 

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