Saturday, 3 December 2011

Like father like son

A lot of people have been observing recently that The Baby, looks to them, very much like The Husband.  A lot of The Friends, some of The Family, and even other mums at The Seven Year Olds school gate have passed comment about the likeness.  The Female Parent (aka my Mum) exclaims each time she sees The Baby that he is becoming more and more like ‘a complete mini-me’ version of The Husband.  Strangely, The Husband and me can’t really see it.  To us, The Baby just looks like himself.

When The In-laws were visiting recently I asked them if they could see the likeness between The Baby and their son, The Husband.  They both looked a little surprised by the question.  “well he certainly doesn’t look at all like his Dad did as a baby” they said.  Which led me to digging out some old photos of myself as a baby. There are certainly more than a few similarities between The Baby now and me as baby all those years ago - the mop of dark hair, the big eyes, the cheeky smile.

Which leaves us with just one question… could it be that when I was a baby I looked like The Husband?!!! 

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