Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ju's Christmas Carol - part two

Apologies for the delay in posting, I think we’re back on track now…

Christmas Present – Dec 2011
It is Fri 23rd Dec. I have a strong feeling of us being on borrowed time today as this year The Seven Year Old will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at his Dad’s house. In trying to make the most of the time we have available before he goes I put too much pressure on the day to be full of Christmassy goodness and end up feeling like I’m constantly checking the clock to see how long we have left.  Nevertheless, we all pitch in to make it make feel like Christmas had already begun…we bake together, watch Christmas films and we sing and dance along to the cheesiest  Christmas tunes we can lay our hands on – according to Peggy Lee ”big fat Santa is on his way” !  The Baby looks on bewildered.  At 6pm, we wave off The Seven Year Old making sure we have given his Dad a full stocking of additional pressies so that The Seven Year Old has plenty to open on Christmas Day morning.  His main presents from us will remain unopened at our house until he returns to have his ‘second Christmas’ with us.  

As we move into Christmas Eve, my usual love of the day is hiding itself well below the surface this year.  There is a sense of melancholy in the air. I find myself becoming increasingly irritated with the world of Facebook and Twitter…their inhabitants seemingly brimming over with Christmas cheer and family harmony.  Come on people, whatever happened to the usual annual tensions - the arguments with relatives  straining under the pressure to have a good time together?  I turn off the laptop making the decision to not switch it on again for a few days.  I am missing The Seven Year Old. I feel rubbish from the vile cough virus that The Husband has been suffering from and that is reaching its peak within me too now.  I feel a little bit like I’ve spent the last week running to keep up. I feel bad for being so grumpy.  I know that there are so many reasons to be feeling happy.   This is The Baby’s first Christmas, our first as a family of four and also the first Christmas that The Husband and me will experience as a married couple.  A glass of mulled wine in the evening accompanies some present wrapping as I struggle to get a bit of a grip before writing off the day and attempting to have an early night with The Baby who then refuses to sleep until 11pm. 

A new dawn, a new day. The Husband and me have agreed that we will save our Christmas day celebrations until The Seven Year Old returns home early on Boxing Day.   At five months, The Baby has no real idea of what is going on around him and so we will not open any of our presents until The Seven Year Old is here to join in the fun.  The Husband cooks us up a delicious paella for our Christmas Day lunch and we spend the day lazing around watching TV and eating what is possibly too much chocolate than is good for a person in one day.

10am Boxing Day and The Seven Year Old is back home with us.  We work our way through the unwrapping of the mountain of presents beneath our tree before being joined by The Parents and one of The Friends for our Christmas lunch – a traditional dinner of turkey with all the trimmings.  Everyone is on fine form.  All is right with my world again.

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