Friday, 30 December 2011

In a galaxy far far away...

Today The Seven Year Old becomes The Eight Year Old. The Husband is still The Husband even though he too is a year older today.  With the two of them sharing the same birthday we are of course provided with an opportunity too good to miss…we need  to throw a party!  And so today, we shall be hosting a Star Wars themed house party.   
The R2-D2 cake is made. Check. The Eight Year Old’s Jango Fett costume is complete. Check.  The Baby – in his Darth Vader babygro (yes really) – continues to look bewildered.  Check.  

The Husband is currently ‘colouring in’ his X-wing pilot outfit. I am wearing a dress with more than a nod to the look of Queen Amidala. Now all I need to do is paint my face, finish making my headdress, bake ‘Yoda’s cheesy feet’ (see ‘Foody things’ tab above) and ice the Wookie Cakes…

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