Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ho ho ho

Ok. So we’re already a week into December.  I can no longer remain in denial about the fact that Christmas is fast approaching and I haven’t done anything as yet to prepare.  A few years ago this would have been acceptable as no-one else would have done anything either but not any more it would seem.  The Christmas build-up seems to begin earlier and earlier every year.  And this year it’s as if everyone I come into contact with is part of the “I’m starting early and I’m so organised for Christmas” brigade.

Since the 1st December other Mum’s at The Seven Year Old’s school have been exchanging joyful tales of how much family fun they’ve had putting up their Christmas trees and making Christmas cards and decorations whilst simultaneously baking mince pies, singing Christmas carols and wrapping presents.  Not that I’m bitter you understand.

Now don’t go thinking that I’m not a fan of Christmas as I love this time of year.  I’m just more than a little put about by how quick off the mark everyone has been this year.  Gone are the days when proudly displaying your Christmas tree even two weeks before the big day suggested you were too keen.  It doesn’t help that even the non-Christmas lovers and the most laid back and disorganised individuals amongst The Friends seem to be out Christmas shopping already.  What’s going on people?!

So, feeling like the pressure is on, and with growing concern that the eagerness of others may result in the shelves being bare before too much longer, me and The Husband have today bitten the bullet.  Gone are this year's good intentions to make our gifts.  Instead we have begun what feels like ‘panic buying’.  Far too many items have now been ordered online and a trip into town today saw us running around like Santa’s very own elves. Ho ho ho?  Indeed.  

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