Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Down the pan

Our mission was to kill fifteen birds with one stone – or more accurately to visit four lots of family and friends living in three different parts of the city of Fancy London, and in doing so to deliver eleven lots of Christmas presents.  All in all, a big ask from any weekend, particularly a weekend with The Baby – who now, on top of the cough appears to be teething - and his distaste for travelling.

We set off on the Saturday morning so that we had daylight on our side.  I say Saturday morning as we had planned to leave at 10am but in reality it was 12.15pm when we actually left.  Our delayed start was, in the main, due to our usual chaotic last minute packing alongside trying to sort out (ie. wrap) numerous Christmas presents that we were to take with us.  Oh yes, and then, just as we thought we were about ready, I helpfully dropped my mobile phone down the loo.  Marvellous.

The air turned blue as I competed for the title of ‘world’s grumpiest woman’.  Pity The Husband who was trying to hold it all together and attempting to get us all out of the house and into the car.  Somehow, The Husband managed to remain remarkably upbeat. Which, to me, at that moment in time was as equally annoying as it was helpful.  I did cheer up a little though when he presented me with a spare ‘back-up’ mobile phone he had squirreled away…nothing fancy you understand but good enough to do the job.

Eventually the car was packed and we set off.  We had a relatively uneventful journey as The Baby slept for most of it (hurrah!).  We enjoyed our visits to Grandparents, Aunts, Friends and The In-laws who fed us and catered for our every need…chilled-out but in a hectic sort of way - which clearly makes very little sense but please go with it as quite frankly I’m still reeling from the ‘phone in the loo’ incident so please don’t push me for an argument as I’m ready to take you on.   

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