Thursday, 1 December 2011

Time to party! Or not...

Despite not getting to sleep until around 1am, we awoke on the morning of The Friends wedding surprisingly bright eyed and bushy tailed – especially considering that The Baby was (and still is) suffering from a nasty hacking cough that wakes him up through the night and intermittently causes him to vomit after feeds.  Not great.  For him.  Or for us.  On a more positive note, we were delighted to discover that we were located in the most beautiful countryside which had been wasted on us in the heavy darkness of our arrival the night before.  It turns out that Cariganshire, in the West of Wales, is a liitle like our own beloved Peak District - all rolling hills and patchwork fields - but with the added bonus of being by the sea. 

We spent the day celebrating with The Friends. The Bride looked gorgeous in her beautiful hand-embroidered dress, matched by her Groom in his very smart suit. The ceremony went smoothly, followed by a lovely informal gathering of their nearest and dearest who ate, drink and made merry.  Following some last minute nerves - when I became fearful he may pass out or run off - The Husband delivered a comical and heartfelt speech.  The Seven Year Old who was delighted to have the opportunity to wear his suit again – complete with trilby, naturally - really got into the swing of things and thoroughly enjoyed the day, especially when he assisted The Husband in hosting a ‘pub style’ quiz in the evening. 

Me and The Baby also had a lovely time, although we did spend a considerable amount of time away from the crowd.  It began during the wedding ceremony, just as the happy couple were to exchange wedding vows.  The Baby’s hacking cough surfaced and he and I swiftly left the room to pace around in the Register Office waiting area.  Still, at least he wasn’t sick again in the way he had been all over my fake fur jacket when I had lifted him from his car seat only minutes earlier.  And to make up for his lack of sleep during the previous night The Baby needed to sleep a lot during the wedding celebrations.  It’s a shame really that he’s such a light sleeper and needed to be away from the wedding party. 

And so it was, that The Baby and me found ourselves spending much of the day snuggled up in the wonderful cottage in which we were staying for the weekend.  I felt a little guilty that lovely Bride and Groom came over to see us more often that we were able to join them and their guests but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes with family life.  It all led me and The Husband to thinking about how having children seems to have often resulted in us being ‘trapped’ in rooms…

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