Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Our countdown to Christmas has begun!

Despite having already thrown ourselves into the panic of Christmas shopping - out of necessity rather than a desire to do so - it really wasn’t feeling like we were getting into the Christmas mood.  All that has now changed. Stand by people, its official, the spirit of Christmas has finally arrived in our household.  The Husband has, this very morning, been to choose our Christmas tree.  It is currently standing (leaning) proudly (drunkenly) in our living room waiting for The Seven Year Old to come home from school to help decorate it.

The tree is a little taller and fatter than we had agreed to go for.  Apparently The Husband ‘couldn’t resist’.  We have a history of large Christmas trees…

The first year of The Husband and me living together we were so excited to be sharing Christmas that we bought a huge 8ft tree.  We had carefully picked it out from the woodcutters in a local wood where we had been seduced by the Christmas tunes a-playing, the chestnuts a-roasting and the mulled wine a-drinking.  This romantic bubble had burst somewhat when we had struggled to carry the tree through the car park to our car – the smallest car there.  Whole families laughed and pointed as we pushed and shoved the tree in to the car before driving off with the top of it stuck out of the passenger seat window and the trunk trailing from the car boot.  I was pinned up against a back seat window with pine needles adorning my hair.

On getting the beast of a tree home, where it filled approximately about a third of the size of the room it stood in, we have had to rearrange most of our furniture to successfully accommodate it.  We soon discovered that it was far too big to stand in the tree stand we had bought especially and too heavy to be wedged into a bucket or plant pot.  And so The Husband spent hours of muttering expletives as he hacked away at the trunk of the tree until it could be rammed into the stand where it swayed intermittently for the rest of the Christmas holiday.  The fact that we could no longer see the TV was neither here nor there.

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