Friday, 9 December 2011

The cough continues...

At the risk of this getting boring - for us all, and not least for The Baby - The Baby STILL has a terrible hacking cough.  Here's the latest...

The Baby and me have been to the doctor’s twice this week. Yesterday, The Baby needed to have his third lot of injections – the ones that all babies have.  He was due to have them a couple of weeks ago but we kept putting it off due to the cold and ongoing cough he’s been suffering from.  This week, regardless of the cough, it seemed irresponsible to delay any further.  We arrived at the Doctors Surgery in good spirits.  I think The Baby thought we were on little adventure and proceeded to charm the receptionist, other patients and the nurse with his cheeky smiles.  This made me feel as if I was tricking him into a false sense of security…little did he know of the three needles coming his way.  Aside from the inevitable livid cry – from The Baby that is - which followed each jab I think we both coped relatively well.  The crying sparked off The Baby’s hacking cough which was enough evidence for the nurse to secure us an appointment with the Doctor for today – quite a feat in these parts during the cold and flu season.

On returning to the Surgery to see the Doctor today there was, of course, not a cough to be heard.  The Baby cooed and smiled at the Doctor  as if to say “I don’t know why Mummy is concerned…I’m clearly feeling fine”.   The Doctor ‘sat on the fence’ in his decision of what to do.  “He appears to be thriving but I’m on the cusp of prescribing something to help the cough on its way as four weeks is a long time” was the verdict, along with “it would be helpful to hear the cough”.  Yes, wouldn’t it just.  The Baby sat as quiet as a mouse.  I’m guessing the cough is saving itself for another sleep deprived night for us both.  And so we left the Doctors surgery with nothing more than another appointment in a couple of weeks time.  It could be a long fourteen days.  And an even longer fourteen nights…

We’re off on our travels again this weekend – off to ‘fancy London’ to see family and a couple of The Friends.  Apologies in advance to The Friends who we’ll be staying with – tomorrow night may not be pretty!

Normal blogging services will be resumed on Monday. Jx


  1. You are braver then me then, as i cried too when my babies had their injections.

    I hope your baby gets well soon. x

  2. Hello to Marvelous Mummy :-) It's not at all nice is it when they have their jabs... Thank you for the get well wishes for The Baby very lovely of you. Jx