Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Confession time

The Husband is not the father of The Seven Year Old.  Please don’t be alarmed, this isn’t some kind of online Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer type revelation...  “Where does our child go for half the week?”, “Who is this man I call Dad and who’s the other one?” – no, that wouldn’t do at all. 

Both The Husband and The Seven Year Old have always been aware that they do not share the same blood line – mainly due to the facts that  1. The Seven Year Old was The Four Year Old when they first met and, 2. The Seven Year Old spends as much time with his Dad as he does with us. 

I had thought I would save this unveiling until the New Year but over the next three days I want to share my own version of a Christmas Carol and so it seemed correct and proper to alert you this revelation today.  To avoid confusion tomorrow. You see?    

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