Friday, 4 November 2011

What to wear to a party in a castle

Later today we will be leaving for the ‘birthday castle’.  There is much excitement in the air.  We have already packed our party outfits. It has been agreed that we will all be dressing in a way that befits the grandeur of the castle-like building in which we will be residing.  We are not restricting ourselves, or our guests, with a specific era or theme beyond the vague notion of ‘Turrets and Tiaras’.

I am seizing the opportunity to wear one of the potential wedding dresses purchased in the build up to our wedding earlier this year.  Why, you may be wondering would we be talking in plurals when it comes to wedding dresses.  Pregnancy would be the answer.  More on that another time.  I am very happy to have the chance to dress like a princess in a gorgeous full length champagne coloured 1930’s style dress.  Of course, no fancy dress outfit should be too pretty or serious and so an attempt shall be made to comedy things up a little with the addition of a blanket cloak and a cardboard bejewelled crown.  As we are now in the throes of a chilly November then I’m guessing a pair of woolly tights and a thermal vest wouldn’t go amiss either!!

The Seven Year Old is thrilled at the prospect of a second airing for his Roman Knight outfit – first worn a few weeks ago for a school project.  As a family we made a rather impressive shield which we like to think was up there with the best of ‘em in Year 3 that day.  We are making The Baby a crown, although I’m yet to be convinced that he will appreciate this.

On discovering The Husband has hired himself a Henry VIII costume for the weekend, I suspect he may be trying to tell me something… “are you taking more wives?” I ask.  The Husband – who sometimes thinks he’s funny – responds with, “one at a time with the wives but I’m sharpening my guillotine”.  We only tied the knot seven months ago, Catherine of Aragon lasted way longer than that.  Mind you, Henry divorced Catherine to marry Anne Boleyn and it was Anne who was the first of his wives to be beheaded.  As was his fifth wife, Kathryn Howard.  Maybe there’s more to The Husband than meets the eye.


As we’ll be away at ‘Ju’s birthday castle’ for the weekend – where there is heavy fog and light drizzle forecast -  there will be no further blog posts until Tuesday.  In the meantime, enjoy your bonfire weekends people, play safely!

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