Sunday, 20 November 2011

Under siege

I’m sat on the sofa cuddling The Baby to sleep – nothing new there then – when The Husband walks into the room and says “I just touched a slug. I want to vomit”.  Now don’t go thinking this was a garden based incident where such hazards lurk and therefore a person is reasonably prepared to face such an encounter.  No my friends.  This was in our very own kitchen. On our very own work surface. Directly behind our very own bread bin.  Eugh.

What with the recent sightings of mice, freakisly-giant-spiders, and now slugs who are invading our house we may as well be living in a tent.  In fact, they’d probably have less chance of getting into a tent.

Whilst on the subject of slugs, I am reminded of one of my two lovely Sister’s in Law who has more than one slug story of her own.  The vilest story involves a cup of tea being reheated in a microwave.  As she drank the tea, The Sister in Law thought that the tea bag was still in the cup as with each sip of tea something gently brushed her lips… It wasn’t a tea bag.  Double eugh.  Enough said. 


  1. As the said Sister-in-Law, I feel the need to clarify that the 'teabag' never in fact brushed my lips. Upon spotting the 'teabag' I quickly realised that something was not right. What tipped me off was that I was drinking coffee.

    What followed was a panicked pouring away of coffee to identify the mystery object, followed by a half an hour of hopping about, screeching and hugging myself, followed by recurring nightmares and a lifelong obsession with checking the inside of containers before putting them in the microwave...

  2. Please excuse my 'artistic licence' :-)

    However - The 'double eugh' still stands. Since hearing the story, I too check inside containers before use...


  3. Honestly, I think a triple eugh is called for!