Friday, 25 November 2011

TFI Friday?

Cast your mind back to a couple of weeks ago, this was our Friday…

The Baby is sleeping soundly on my shoulder – the only place he’ll sleep at the moment, which is really quite limiting at times.  The Husband is attempting to quietly (?!) demolish a built-in cupboard in the kitchen.  We are waiting in for a Gas Man to arrive to re-commission the gas fire in the living room.  We have – for now – let go of the dream of the log burning stove we long for.  The gas man promised he’d be here between 10am and 2pm.  It is 2.30pm. There is no sign of the Gas Man.  We phone him.  He says he’ll “be round in half an hour”.  “Why say a time if it’s unlikely you’ll be able to honour it?” chorus me and The Husband. 

Eventually the Gas Man arrives and needs access to the gas supply in the chaotic cellar. He fights his way through the kitchen cupboard demolition and tentatively makes his way down the dim lit cellar stairs.  He takes care to avoid stepping on the numerous half full tins of paint, the broken sweeping brush and abandoned game of boules that currently adorn the stairs. 

When he arrives back from the horrors of the cellar I find myself frantically apologising for the chaos.  I am over-the-top, and for some reason, absurdly jolly, in my apology, providing excuses that try to suggest we normally live in an ordered clutter free house.    I think somewhere deep in my psyche I believe that if I become the Gas Man’s friend he will not judge us on the current state of our home.  The Gas Man however, appears to remain deeply unimpressed.   

Unimpressed that is until he notices two things we unknowingly have in common.  More precisely two local “celebrities” in the form of artist Pete McKee and the fabulous singer Richard Hawley.  We finally bond over the fact that we (me and The Husband) have an appreciation for the work of Mr McKee and Mr Hawley (did I mention he’s fabulous?). and the fact that The Gas Man is friends with the pair of them.

After the Gas Man has left I marvel to The Husband about how the “cold fish” Gas Man had warmed up.  How we had bonded.  How he may no longer think we are simply ridiculous. And then The Husband points out that for the whole time I’ve had baby sick covering my shoulder.


There will now be a short break in blogging due to us being away for the weekend at a wedding of two of The Friends in South Wales - very excited!  Have lovely weekends people!  See you back here on Tuesday.  Jx

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