Saturday, 19 November 2011


Mad Hatter:- “Would you like a little more tea?”
Alice:-             “Well, I haven’t had any yet, so I can’t very well take more”.

                  Alice in Wonderland

Myself and The Husband are tea drinkers. In a big way.  We are both from families of tea drinkers – except for the female half of The Parents who is a rogue coffee drinker.  The Seven Year Old is just coming around to the idea of tea. He will occasionally take a straw, plonk it in my mug and take a slurp.  As yet, he can’t be tempted to a full cup.  I suppose you could say he’s a tea drinker in training.

“Come to me oh cup of tea,
And let me tell you of my antipathy
To other drinks in the morning,
They don’t stop this Daddy from yawning.”

…is what I heard The Husband reciting to The Baby one day a few weeks ago.  “Did you just make that up?” I ask, laughing.  “No.  We made it up a few days ago actually” came the response.  Me and The Baby look at each and sigh simultaneously.  Time for another cuppa I think….

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