Thursday, 17 November 2011

Swings and roundabouts

The Baby has well and truly found his voice.  At times, if you couldn’t see the delighted smile on his face, it would be hard to know if he’s really happy or if someone is trying to pull his legs off.  He literally squeals as loudly as he can, just for the sheer hell of it.  In contrast, The Seven Year Old is choosing to use his voice less often.  He has recently started spending more time alone in his room as if he’s training himself up in preparation for the teenage years.  “He’s just growing up” says The Husband.  I know this is the truth but that doesn’t mean I’m ready for it.

The more independent The Seven Year Old becomes the more I feel like I want to cling on to him.  And so, each morning when I drop him off at school, I continue my attempts to steal a kiss. This is greeted by him rolling his eyes and raising his eyebrows as he gestures for me to leave – not exactly embarrassed, more as if he feels a bit sorry for me.  The Baby, however, can do no wrong as far as The Seven Year Old is concerned.  He is happy to kiss and cuddle his little brother for as often and as long as The Baby will allow him to.  I sometimes wait until the two of them are having a little moment and sneak in there to join in.  This mostly works out ok. At least it does for now.  Until I’m found out.

At bedtime it’s all change.  The Seven Year Old will happily chat away and cuddle for as long as I will let him as he tries to buy more time before he needs to go to sleep.  As with most things when bringing up children, it’s all swings and roundabouts.  In the nicest possible independent grown-up sort of way.  Of course.    

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