Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sweet dreams

Yesterday we had a new mattress delivered.  We had a new mattress delivered not because the old mattress is worn out, no, it still has much life left in it...the reason we had a new mattress delivered is because our current mattress is too small for our bed. And has been for the past three years.  “Why would anyone buy a mattress that is too small for their bed?” you may be wondering.  In my experience, a person may find themselves in this predicament if the mattress came first, followed by the purchasing of a larger bed frame at a later date simply because a person has always yearned for a massive bed but couldn’t justify to themselves the buying of a new bigger mattress when they have a perfectly good one already – albeit the wrong size.  Ridiculous? Yes, quite.

After three years of stuffing pillows down one side of the mattress to wedge it in to the bed frame in a bid to stop us from shifting around in the night, we have finally given in.  The reason for this sudden (?) change of heart?  The answer lies in the fact that The Baby will sleep slightly better if he’s in our bed. And we will all sleep a little better if that bed feels a little roomier.  Co-sleeping with a baby may not be for everyone, it may not be recommended by some health professionals, but for now, it is the way for us - mainly to stop me from dying from sheer lack of sleep.

And so, yesterday, our huge new mattress arrived.  Hurrah!  Of course, the delivery men couldn’t take it upstairs for us – “sorry love, not allowed to”.  So yes, as the proud new owners of said larger mattress we awoke this morning dreaming of the potential new comfort that awaits us.  For now, the mattress sits in our hallway – too heavy and cumbersome for me and The Husband to face moving last night - almost blocking us off from the kitchen.  We literally have to scale it to access the kettle for tea making.  The ridiculousness continues…

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