Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The sofa delivery

Remember in a post a couple of weeks ago, we were awaiting the delivery of our new sofa?  Well, it arrived.  Just as me and The Husband had the old sofa wedged in the living room doorway with me trapped in the living room and The Husband trapped on the stairs.  Neither of us within reach of the front door.  The Baby, safely strapped into his chair, sat in the living room with me with a bemused look on his face surrounded by an extraordinary amount of previously ‘lost’ random Lego pieces that had become visible amongst the dust when we moved the old threadbare sofa .

From the living room window I see the delivery van approach. After a fleeting moment of panic, and a big heave ho from The Husband, we were able to reverse back into the living room and stand the sofa up on its end in the corner.  “I’m beginning to wonder how we ever got it in here in the first place” I ponder unhelpfully.  The new sofa is brought in by two delivery men.  It glides easily through the living room door.  This is because the new sofa appears to be tiny.  “are you sure this is a three seater?” I ask the delivery men suspiciously.   “Hard to say love” comes the response.

We unpack the new sofa and realise it has arrived in parts and needs fixing together which seems unlikely for a sofa but there you go.  Two hours later and the bits are together to form one fully fledged sofa which is thankfully now looking even longer than the old sofa – which is, incidentally, still stood in the corner of the room looking sorry for itself having been so easily replaced..  The Husband is looking a little worse for wear after the building ordeal with me and The Baby looking on and “helpfully” suggesting alterative methods of construction.  “I think I prefer the old one” I say.  The Husband shoots me a look that tells me more than words ever could that it’s time to shut up now. 

Later that day a man with a van comes along to collect the old sofa.  The man is more adept at removals than me and The Husband, plus he’s twice the size of the two of us put together and approximately a million times stronger.  He quickly manoeuvres the old sofa out of the house and into his van.  “He just came at it from a different angle” speculates The Husband whilst I stand at the door waving and silently mouthing  “goodbye old friend”.

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