Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Self destruct

After our second stop - in the lay-by of a busy road somewhere in North Wales (I think) where I fed The Baby - we made our way through the darkness along the neverending winding country lanes.  Occasionally The Husband would flick on the overhead light in the car to snatch a feeting glance of the map or handwritten instructions.  Sat in the back of the car, sandwiched between The sleeping Seven Year Old with his head on my shoulder and The wide awake Baby, I continuously pressed a button on my phone in order to keep it lit up to illuminate The Baby whilst simultaneously singing random lines from nursery rhymes that I could remember - all this in a bid to keep The Baby from becoming hysterical.

We finally arrived at our destination in Cardiganshire, a delightful collection of farm cottages, where we had found The Friends who were to be married still awake and setting up for the following day.  It was 11.30pm.  After sleeping in the car, The Seven Year Old was, of course, wide awake…”this is my self-destruct button Mummy” he cried out gleefully as he ran around playing out the role of an imaginary character in his game.  “I wish I had one” I muttered under my breath…

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