Tuesday, 29 November 2011

May the force be with you...

It turns out there is something The Baby dislikes more than travelling in the car.  And that is travelling in the car when it is dark. As we discovered last Friday evening on our seven hour journey to South Wales.  “Why do it to yourselves?” you may well ask.  The answer being that The Husband was to be Best Man at two of The Friends wedding which was to take place on the Saturday.  There was no question, of course we were all going.  

We stopped twice en-route, in a bid for us all to regain some sanity.  During the first stop – only an hour and a half into our journey - it came to light that The Husband is a closet McDonalds cheese burger fan – in a surprisingly big way.  Even The Seven Year Old was a little taken aback by The Husbands enthusiasm for ‘the cheeseburger’.

After we’d all been fed and watered and had the obligatory ‘just in case’ trip to the loo, we returned to the car.  Once strapped into his car seat The Baby immediately filled his nappy.  Again.  “It’s my turn” said The Husband returning back inside to change The Baby – it wouldn’t surprise me if we discover at some time in the future that The Husband had sneaked in another cheese burger too.  They were certainly gone for a considerable amount of time.   The Seven Year Old and me remained in the car looking at his Lego Star Wars book for the one hundredth time this month.  We always have to choose which “goody” and which “baddy” character we will be.  I say we have to choose but The Seven Year Old is always very clear about who we will all be.

When The Husband eventually returned to the car with The Baby he said “I was beginning to feel like I’d be spending the rest of my life in that changing room”.  It transpired that The Baby had been rather busy in there and numerous changes had been required. “I’ve texted the bride-to-be” added The Husband, “I said it’ll probably be quite late, when we arrive”.

Hmmm…the journey continued…

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  1. I wouldn't care so long as I'm not JarJar Binks.