Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Life begins at 40?

Today is my 40th birthday. Hurrah!  Or not.  Depending on your perespective I guess.

Is turning 40 really a big deal these day? Or is 40 really the new 30?  Words spoken only by a 40 year old maybe.  “So how does it feel to be 40?” ask The (younger) Friends.  Well, becoming 40 can put a girl into a reflective mood – it’s feels like a sharp reminder that life is short and needs to be drained of every last drop of pleasure and experience in a bid to make every second count. 

Call it denial if you will but I’m refusing to even think about the wrinkles and saggy bits, much easier I think to remove all mirrors from the house.  Thanks to the genes from The Parents there are no grey hairs in sight as yet so that that’s helping with the issues of acceptance on the aging body.

Strangely, this morning, I discover that 40 suddenly sounds a lot older than 39.  Although, not nearly as old sounding as the term I came across when pregnant with The Baby only a few months ago.  Apparently, being aged over 35 qualifies a woman to be a ‘geriatric mum’.  Nice.  But it is only in talking to The Seven Year Old that I actually do start to feel geriatric…  “Mummy, is it true that in the olden days you used to have those video recorder player things?”  Thanks Seven Year Old. 

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  1. Happy birthday! Personally I still don't feel a day over 12.