Friday, 18 November 2011

Just another manic...

Friday.  Friday morning to be exact. As is the case for many families, school day mornings for us are often somewhat chaotic.  I chase around after The Seven Year Old encouraging him to eat breakfast, get dressed, clean his teeth (with toothpaste and for longer than ten seconds!) and pack his school bag. All the while, trying to time the feeding and changing of The Baby so that we’re all ready to leave the house before the school bell rings .  All in all, it can be quite a challenge.  Friday mornings are always particularly frantic in our household as there are so many extras to remember:- homework book, reading book, bun day money (and sometimes buns if it’s our turn to provide) and last minute practising for the Friday spelling test.

Today we thought we were on top of things when, ten minutes before needing to gather our belongings to leave the house I realise it’s Children in Need Day.  “What difference does that make?” you may be asking.  Well, at The Seven Year Olds school it means that the pupils can pay 50p to wear their own clothes and the money raised is donated to Children in Need.  The Seven Year Old is already dressed in his school uniform when I break the news that he can wear his own clothes to school today.  He is immediately excited beyond belief.  The Seven Year Old loves clothes and has already developed his own individual sense of style.  He is a big fan of the Trilby hat and has a collection of them.  He also loves to don a waistcoat. Recently when I told him we would be attending a wedding soon he said “ Brilliant!  I can wear my suit and tie again”.  Unusually I think, for a boy of his age, he loves to get dressed up in smart clothes.

The Seven Year Old runs upstairs announcing that he will go and choose something to wear.  “Remember we only have ten minutes before we have to leave” I call out after him.  He quickly returns having selected a pair of navy blue skinny cotton trousers, a red, white and blue check shirt, a grey tie and charcoal waistcoat.  “Are you sure you wouldn’t be comfier in jeans and t-shirt” I ask, thinking this would speed things up a bit.  “ I’m sure”” he says “ I’d wear my suit if I could…I can’t wear my suit can I?”  “ I think it may be a bit much for school” I suggest.  He accepts this and quickly changes into his chosen outfit.  I tie the grey tie on him and it is way too long and sticks out beneath the waistcoat.  I’ll find another one he shouts, running off before I can stop him.  All the while the time ticks menacingly away. He’s back down with a different shirt and a smaller tie.  The newly chosen shirt is too small now, he has outgrown it since it's last outing and the cuffs sit several centimetres above his wrists, and the shorter tie doesn’t’ go with the checked shirt.  The Seven Year Old is getting stressed now.  He is keen to make the most of this ‘own clothes day’ at school.  I take the scissors to the grey tie, snipping about a third of it off at the skinny end, and then we’re back in business with the original outfit.- albeit with a slightly rough around the edges tie.

The whole ensemble is topped off with a faded denim jacket and dark grey trilby.  He’s looks fantastic and is very pleased with himself as he checks himself out in the mirror.  We’re finally ready to leave the house!  As we get to the school gate he runs off into the playground, keen to see what the other kids are wearing and wanting to show off his outfit.  I trail in behind him wearing an old fleece top of The Husbands and feeling like I’m letting the side down quite frankly.  Oh well.  Just another manic Friday.

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