Monday, 21 November 2011

The game of life

I don’t know if it’s to do with approaching middle age – and no, I don’t for one minute think I’m already there yet at the grand old age of 40 – but I’m finding that me and The Husband seem to have taken to watching game shows on TV .   I can’t even put it down to The Husband being of a certain age as he’s a good seven years – and as he keeps reminding me two months - younger than my good self.  Yes, you heard me correctly – I am married to a younger man. 
Anyway, I digress.  Let’s get back on track to the game show issue.  I think the reason I suspect this could be age related is that I remember from my childhood that The Female Parent was very keen on watching game shows.  She still is.  Growing up with this made me somewhat resistant, I didn’t see the appeal at all.  And so it is therefore all the more shocking to me to find myself actively choosing to watch such programs.  For some time we’ve watched “Total Wipeout” – even The Seven Year Old likes to sit and watch that and The Husband is convinced that he would do brilliantly if he were to take part.  In fact I must get round to filling in that application form I printed off for him so that he can put his money where his mouth is...if nothing else we could all get a swish holiday in Argentina.

The latest addition to our game show repertoire is “The Cube”. We stumbled across it whilst looking for something else to watch and quickly got drawn in.  Like most people I prefer to view from the comfort of the sofa.  The Husband however, feels the need to join in.   Being someone who can turn his hand to most sports and physical challenges he’s also quietly competitive - although I have a feeling he will greet that comment with a certain amount of mock outrage. 

So, that’s how we came to find ourselves watching on TV a man facing the challenge of balancing on a short, narrow, low beam for 20 seconds to secure a prize of £50,000.  I was sat on the sofa with a cuppa, The Husband was precariously positioned trying to balance on the wooden leg of a chair that he’d brought from the dining room and placed on its side in the middle of the living room a bid to recreate the Cube challenge we were watching.  Not that he’s competitive you understand.


  1. Ha ha! as soon as I started reading this I immediately decided to comment about the cube - then of course you talk about it. The cube is awesome. I really got into watching it in Italy - we'd never seen it before and spent an evening glued to the TV. It's all filmed in London, even the foreign versions. At first we thought it was strange the first Italian contestant lived in London. Then so did the next one. And the next one. Our keen penetrating minds (plus a google search) revealed the truth : )

  2. £10,000 for Wipeout and £250,000 for The Cube... easiest money since Richard and Judy's 'You Say We Pay' :-)

  3. I'm just pleased to discover we're not alone in game-show-world! Now, let's crack on with those application forms... Jx