Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Funny Tuesdays

First of all, apologies to anyone reading this who doesn't work, or who works non-standard hours, as I imagine that much of the following will not really ring true to you – please feel free to dip out now, I will not be offended although I would, of course, really rather that you stay and read on. 

Here’s a question – “don’t you find that Tuesday is a bit of a funny day?”

Me and The Husband have, for some time, been in agreement that it’s hard to know what to credit a Tuesday for in general terms.  It’s not the beginning of the week like a Monday which invites you to hurl yourself in to a fresh week. Mondays can be a bit like the start of a hill climb when (in theory at least) you set off full of energy and gusto.  And a Tuesday doesn’t have the benefit of a Wednesday which, being bang in the middle of the week, brings with it a feeling of being really in to the flow of things now and that you’re already halfway through the working week.  I often find myself to be quite productive on Wednesdays before the downslide into the weekend begins on Thursday.  And then, once you get to Friday, well, you may as well be starting the weekend already.  But a Tuesday.  You still have the week stretching out in front of you ...the memories of the previous weekend have already faded away and it feels like the next weekend is a long way off.  All in all it can be quite draining and none more so than when a Tuesday throws up the unexpected start to the day as The Husband could testify today. 

The Husband’s alarm went off this morning just as I was finishing feeding The Baby.  It was dark and chilly and The Husband did the thing we both excel at – “the switch off and roll”.  Switch off the alarm onto “sleep mode” and roll over to cosy up for “a few more minutes”.  Now, I’ve always thought it’s a poor  design principle on many alarm clocks that the “sleep” button is often positioned dangerously close to the “switch-me-off-forever-and-oversleep-and-be-late” button.  I’m sure you can see where this story is going…  As it is, at 6.30am-ish this morning  I didn’t think anything of it and The Baby and me returned to sleep. 

When I stirred again I realised it was now light and The Husband was still in bed. As I couldn’t see the alarm clock due to being as blind as a bat without my contact lenses, I gave The Husband a gentle nudge to rouse him.  He assumed this was the familiar signal to him that he was snoring and needed to move.  “Sorry” he muttered as he bagan to roll over and then realised I was asking him the time.  I have never seen him move so quickly…”I think I can still make it in on time” he called as he ran out of the house.  “Happy Tuesday” I muttered“ and once again thanked the maternity-leave-fairy that I could move through Tuesday at my own pace.


  1. In fairness (to my own stupid sense of optimism) I turned my alarm off on purpose... I thought I'd have 5 minutes daydreaming before getting up. That early in the morning I tend to think it's a plan that will work out ok. Why I think this when the technique's not worked for the past 15 years I couldn't tell you.

    Still, got 45 minutes of bonus sleep and got there with 5 mins to spare. Happy days.

  2. So are you doing that radiology thing now?

  3. I think I had more sympathy for The Husband oversleeping when I thought he was at least trying to avoid switching off the alarm completely. Jx

  4. ...it's a radiography thing that's he doing :-) seems to be going well. Jx