Monday, 14 November 2011

Food glorious food

Why is it that the second a person begins to think about eating a bit healthier all they actually want to eat is cake. And crisps.  And bacon sandwiches.  But not together.  Obviously. 

Since having The Baby I occasionally launch into a moan to The Husband about the fact that the last of the pregnancy pounds are not melting away as easily as they did after having The Seven Year Old.  The Husband is very patient during these tirades. If it were me having to do the listening then I’d be tempted to point out that the weight would be more likely to decline if I wasn’t eating virtually my own body weight in marshmallows and ginger nut biscuits each day.  As it is, I’m choosing not to listen to myself.


  1. I have recently (re)discovered crisp sandwiches. A childhood favourite. What's not to love?

  2. Crisp sandwiches, yum! Any particular crisp flavour? Jx

  3. Well, I'm quite fond of an egg mayonaise and plain crisp combo..... but if it's just a standard crisp sandwich then salt and vinegar every time. x