Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Old Macdonald had a farm... i ee i oh...and on that farm he had 30 seven year olds (brave man!!) i ee i oh!

The Seven Year Old is going on his first residential school trip today.  He and his class mates will be staying for two nights on a local farm.  He has been excited about the trip for weeks.  In fact he’s so excited that he’s been choosing to overlook the fact that he has a bad cold and has instead, been pushing to go to school because he’s so determined that he will be going on the trip.  When he came home from school yesterday he immediately wanted to pack his suitcase, “there’s no time to play tonight Mum, we have lots to do“. He woke up so early this morning, and was so completely full of beans, that you would have been excused for thinking it was Christmas Day.   As we walked up to school this morning we joined the other school trippers - a procession of seven year olds, backpacks on their backs, pulling their suitcases behind them.

Along with some of the other parents, I am feeling a little nervous about the whole thing. Will he be ok away from home for two nights? Will he like the food?  Will he feel lonely?  Will the other kids be nice to him? What if he feels ill?  Of course, I know that all these things will be dealt with if they occur so there’s no need to worry.  But of course I will.  Worrying about our kids, it’s what us Mum’s do best.

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  1. It was a good job the 7 year old was up so early this morning 'cause I'd turned my alarm off again and needed the wake up call.

    Thank you seven year old... wouldn't have made it to work on time without you!