Friday, 11 November 2011

Castle antics - part four

Sunday morning arrives and we are greeted by either a heavy mist or a light fog, we can’t quite agree on which sounds the most dramatic.  One of The Friends describes the view from one of the many large windows as “rolling hills drenched with fairies breath”. Poetic?  Vomit-inducingly sickly sweet?  No, simply the beginning of another day’s ridiculous banter.  The same friend has been threatening for some time, in cahoots with another friend – I use the term friends loosely in this context – to perform an interpretive dance (?!) at today’s party entitled “you’re really old now missy”.  Recognising the empty threat, in place simply for comedy value, I retort by advising them that we are all looking forward to seeing it.  We go back and forth like this for much of the day.

We spend the morning drinking tea and snacking on biscuits. The Husband and two friends prepare the party feast.  I take a long soak in the deep roll top bath – at least that’s what I do once I can get The Seven Year Old out of there…”just two more minutes pleeeeeaaassssse, it’s so lovely and relaxing in here”.

 Before we know it, it’s time to change into our costumes for the party. We all remain true to our heritage… I become Queen Ju for the day, The Husband is (of course) Henry VIII, The Seven Year Old is a knight protecting the castle with a sideline in crown making to ensure all of our guests will be suitably attired. The two Friends become visiting royalty in the form of King of Arabia (“the whole of”), and King of the Leprechauns – complete with green sequinned eyebrows PVA-glued to his own and a transformed pan worn as a hat and serving as a pot of hidden gold. 

By the time we have a full house on the guest front we have added to the mix, a brilliant court jester, a beautiful Rapunzel, a demon wizard, a gorgeous Queen and Princess of Chesterfield, and finally, Prince Charming himself - Adam Ant.  Genius.  Let the party begin.

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