Sunday, 13 November 2011

Back to reality

Monday morning, and before we even leave the ‘castle’ reality kicks in.   We rescue the Gatehouse from the layer of family life that we have coated it with and we pack our many bags.  The Husband drives the two friends to the nearby railway station to catch their train home to London-town. He returns at 10am, the time we are due to vacate the building.  We refuse to be unnerved by this, after all, how often does anyone actually turn up at 10am to see if you have left a holiday rental?  Two housekeepers arrive.  Great.

The Husband explains to the housekeepers that we have “a few” last bits to load into the car.  This is a gross understatement.  They decline his offer to come in, instead choosing to remain in their individual cars parked in the driveway.  The Husband arrives back inside to find me feeding The Baby ,and The Seven Year Old playing with his Star Wars Lego.  He finishes loading the car and explains to The Housekeepers that we may need a little longer than originally anticipated.  As we are now only using the one room, surely the housekeepers will come in.  No.  They remain in their cars.

The Baby is fed and changed.  It is now half past ten and we are stood in the hallway.  The Husband, The Seven Year Old and me bid farewell to our ‘castle’.   The Baby smiles sweetly, and then promptly fills his nappy, in the extreme.  The Husband shakes his head before descending the stairs to face the housekeepers once more. I change The Baby, again. Both nappy and clothes – yes, it was that extreme.  And then we are finally out of the building.  We drive off waving goodbye to the two very patient housekeepers who The Husband is now on first name terms with.  Ten minutes later we are heading north and calm is restored.  Both The Seven Year Old and The Baby are already asleep. 

It’s strange how the car feels somehow lighter.  At just about the same moment The Husband and me realise that we have left at least half of the clothes we arrived with hung up in the wardrobe in the Gatehouse.  Oh. We turn the car around and prepare to face The Husband’s new housekeeper friends once again.    


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  2. And we went home with the door key. Which should have been a surprise, but it's not the first time we've done that. Or the second...