Monday, 24 October 2011

Two peas in a pod

One of The Friends was visiting over the weekend.  A lovely time was had, a walk in the Peak District, a pub lunch, lots of tea drinking and much chat.  During one of these chats, The Friend expressed his enjoyment of listening to Noel Gallagher when he hosts on Radio 2.  I was happy to let this go - we can’t agree with all of our friends all of the time.  The Husband, however, was mischievously keen to bring up the fact that I am not Noel’s biggest fan. 

I can’t quite pinpoint exactly what my problem is with Mr Gallagher but would offer “too much attitude”, “arrogance”, and “too opinionated” for starters.  We British are not often known for being fans of perceived over-confidence.

My thoughts later turned to focus on my having started this blog.  I began to question why anyone would have the gall to imagine that others would be interested in reading about their thoughts and observations about their day-to-day life online. 

Hmmm...maybe that Noel Gallagher isn’t so bad after all. 

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