Saturday, 22 October 2011

Today I will be mostly eating cake

Yesterday saw the first day of half term for The Seven Year Old.  In a bid to manage the amount of time spent playing on the wii, an attempt is made to engage The Seven Year Old in baking. 

As a mum of two boys there is a pressure to ensure that not only do they grow into decent human beings who are generous of spirit, thoughtful and kind, but that also they know how to cook a nice meal and bake a cake.  If nothing else, it will help them to eat well in future and will potentially make them better boyfriends and husbands – a woman has to consider these things in raising the future generation of men.

The Baby looked on as we baked, blissfully unaware of the fun that awaits him in getting involved in years to come.  For now The Baby intently studied his own hand, amazed to realise it actually belongs to him.  The Seven Year Old kept him updated about the stages of our baking whilst I tried to keep The Seven Year Old on track with the actual doing of the baking.

The baking attempt was deemed a huge success by The Seven Year Old who declared “ we can make these again Mummy when it’s our turn to cook for Bun Day at school”.  And not only that, we now have a house full of banana bread and rice krispie treats. Hurrah!  The post baby diet can wait a little longer.

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