Sunday, 16 October 2011

To castle or not to castle.

The small 'castle' only sleeps six.  So apart from the husband and the kids - it seems rude to not have them there – two close friends are invited to stay overnight. An onslaught of guilt soon follows about the other friends who won’t be invited to stay.  Instead, a Sunday afternoon party is decided upon – much more in keeping with breastfeeding and sleepless nights than a boozy late night do which was how the 40th may have passed drunkenly by.   

 (Slight pause to reminisce about what a gin fuelled party haze used to feel like).

The invitation is emailed to a select few.  Not many, including the parents, can come – “too short notice” “other plans” “too far to travel” they cry!  Not an unexpected response.  Anticipated upsides of a more intimate gathering?  Nicer food, more meaningful conversation, less stress, happy days.  

 Stay tuned to see how things pan out.

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday Ju! If you are celebrating your birthday in a castle then you should dress up like a princess!

    Have fun : )