Tuesday, 18 October 2011

'Tis the season of the coat.

It seems, that following the unexpected warmth of late September and early October, it is now payback time as autumn starts to feel more like winter.  And so it is that a person’s thoughts begin to drift to the prospect of a new winter coat.  Not that a new coat is necessary you understand, particularly when it could be said that a person has enough, if not too many, coats already.  Not necessary that is until the perfect duffle coat is spotted. 

This particular coat not only appeals to the comforting memories of duffle coat wearing from childhood, but also manages to be both classic and bang on trend in design.  The fact that it is practical in being cosy and warm enough to make winter a more enjoyable experience can only be a bonus.

“What would you say to a current burning desire to buy a duffle coat we can’t afford?”  This is the question that greeted the husband on his return from an after work/uni drink – timing is everything with these things.  The husband – in a bid to upgrade from being mostly wonderful to completely wonderful – responds with “maybe you could buy it as a little birthday gift to yourself”. 

The often vile weather of winter? Bring it on!

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