Friday, 21 October 2011

Sleeping in South Yorkshire

Only hours after completing the post ‘Sleepless in South Yorkshire’ The Baby takes us by surprise once again.  Instead of falling into a deep slumber in our arms during the evening he instead naps for only 20mins.  Our attempts at comforting rocking and cuddling are greeted by looks of ‘you must be kidding’.   By 10pm he shows no signs of wanting to sleep as he gurgles and smiles at us cheekily.

“This is ridiculous I need some sleep even if he doesn’t.  I’m taking him up to bed to see what happens”.  The Husband greets this bold statement with a surprised look.  Previous attempts of putting The Baby into his own bed and hoping for sleep have not gone well and haven’t resulted in a ‘falling to sleep in his own bed baby’!!

The Baby is fed, changed and placed in his crib.  He gurgles and shuffles for a while and sucks on his thumb – a recent achievement that he seems to be most proud of.  I begin to drift in and out of sleep to the sound of his gurgles.  Suddenly it is 4am… what’s happening?  The Baby stirs slightly, briefly sucks on his thumb and is straight back into a deep slumber. 

We all sleep until 7am when The Husband turns to me and says “all we need now is to find a way to get you to sleep through”.

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