Thursday, 27 October 2011

Roll up roll up...

The Parents are due their weekly visit today. They live about twelve miles away from us which works well for all involved – near enough to visit each other regularly but not close enough for daily unannounced visits.

On arrival, the parents will be loaded down with bags.  Contained within these bags will be an assortment of treats for us all including anything we’ve absent mindlessly mentioned a liking for or have suggested we are in need of.  Sometimes, something around the house may have been spotted, for example, an empty soap dispenser or washing up bottle, which will guarantee a supply will be purchased and brought on the next visit.  For all of these things, we are of course extremely grateful and we realise how lucky we are.

It doesn’t tend to stop there though.  Generous to a fault these acts of thoughtfulness are never one offs.  And sometimes it gets completely out of control and we find ourselves stockpiling – it begins to look as if we’re expecting to be asked to survive on rations sometime soon. On realising we now had fourteen bars of Pears Soap we had to gently mention that perhaps we had enough now.  We are currently eating our way through a three ton food mountain made up of mini-gingerbread men.

Despite the fact that we all get on very well (apart from the occasional mother-daughter spat) we all know that the main reason for these visits is for The Parents to see their Grandchildren - The Seven Year Old and The Baby.  As the afternoon rumbles on the volume increases as The Seven Year Old engages his Grandparents in games of Star Wars and Batman – acted out enthusiastically by all three of them and somehow managing to include The Baby who makes occasional feeble attempts to nap through the noise. You could sometimes be mistaken for thinking we have four children.  The atmosphere is somewhat circus-like.

So brace yourselves people, it’s time to open up the Big-Top - roll up, roll up!    

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