Sunday, 23 October 2011

The present dilemma

A couple of days ago it was the birthday of one The Parents - the male parent to be precise.  Which therefore posed the dilemma of what to buy a man of a certain age that we didn’t buy him last year for birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day.  After all, there are only so many garden tools, plants, jumpers, pairs of slippers one man can take!! 

Something that went down well a couple of years ago was a subscription to a gardening magazine.  In fact it went down so well that we kept up the subscription which means it’s the gift that keeps giving.  It also means it’s now the gift which can’t be given again so we kinda shot ourselves in the foot with that one. 

After going round in the usual circles we decide to exploit the fact that we’ve recently produced a second grandchild and therefore are the proud owners of a huge number of digital images of The Seven Year Old and The Baby looking cute together.  A shot of them looking angelic whilst in the arms of their doting Grandad provides too good an opportunity to miss.  A photo frame is presented with the beautiful black and white photo displayed inside. 

And so it is that we have successfully averted the “you really shouldn’t be spending your money on me” routine as this is one gift that a proud Grandparent can’t say no to, no matter how many times it is updated and trotted out!

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