Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Jam Maker

Towards the end of the summer The Husband took to making jam.  It had been on the cards for some time - but that’s another story entirely.  The jam in question was to be plum. Rather than being a careful choice, this was mainly due to the fact that The Parents had an overflowing fruit tree heaving with ripe plums needing to be disposed of sooner rather than later.

As luck would have it, plums contain pectin, which means less faffing and fewer ingredients when using plums to make Jam.  Apparently.  The first batch of jam was a huge success.  So much so, that me and The Seven Year Old were soon drafted in to assist in stripping the fruit tree of all remaining fruit in order to obtain enough plums for The Husand to make a large second batch. 

Now, why is it that things are rarely so easy twice in a row?!  The second batch proved to be much trickier to produce than the first – quite possibly due to the inflated quantities being dealt with.  However, after much stirring and testing, and testing and stirring, followed by heating and cooling, and much chuntering and huffing from The Husband, a lot of delicious plum jam was produced.  15 jars actually.

So for anyone who knows us – you may get a sighting of homemade plum jam in a Christmas stocking near you sometime soon!

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  1. Pectin is awesome! Rhamnogalacturonan, to give it it's proper name, is probably the most structurally complex molecule known to science. If you've managed to wrangle it into a jar you are doing well!