Saturday, 29 October 2011

It's a long way to Tipperary

Today we are travelling to Norfolk to attend an early bonfire and fireworks party.  On hearing about this one of The Parents helpfully pointed out that it’s a long way to go for a bonfire.  Fair point.  It’s about a four hour drive away.  Of course, there’s more to it than that.  Our main reason for going is to see The In-laws and to catch up with some of The Husband’s lovely extended family – there are literally hundreds of them – and to take advantage of the opportunity to show off The Baby.

Based on previous bonfire parties we have high expectations for an impressive firework display.  This is partly due to the fact that The Husband’s Father – along with most of the men in the family  - has an infatuation with sourcing bigger and better fireworks each year.  This is somewhat surprising as until I met the Father-in-law this wasn’t how I would have guessed a Baptist Minister to behave!!  Maybe this is just my non-religious naivety but it came as a pleasant surprise and reminded me how wrong our expectations and perceptions can be. Both The Husband and The Father-in-Law have the same playful element to their characters which in many ways reminds me of my own Dad – aka The (male) Parent.  Maybe it’s a boy thing. 

We eventually leave for Norfolk two hours later than we originally planned.  The Seven Year old has packed – for the one night we will be staying over – enough Lego to build an actual full size model of the whole of Norfolk.  On top of that we have enough baby equipment to open a mobile branch of Mothercare should we decide to stop by the roadside en-route.   We have a small car.  I squish into the back between The Baby and The Seven Year Old.  The moses basket – currently The Baby’s bed despite us now almost having to shoe horn him into it  – is seat belted into the front seat as if it is a passenger.  

As the car slowly grinds into action, Norfolk may as well be as far away as Tipperary.

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