Sunday, 30 October 2011

Home sweet home

We are back home after our short trip to Norfolk.  Our trip went a little like this...

As we pulled away, The Husband said " would you like to familiarise yourself with the map?" and handed me a scrap of paper with a smile on his face.  I looked at the pencil drawing and raised my eyebrows.  Living in the digital age that we do you would think we could do better.
The Baby began to cry.  I find it odd that The Baby often seems unimpressed with being in the car.  When The Seven Year Old was a baby there were times when the car was the only place he was happy.  The Baby is ok once we're on our way on a long journey if he can fall asleep but he is extremely sensitive to the car stopping.  We therefore live in fear of red traffic lights and worse still, traffic jams.  Driving around town with him isn't good.

When The Baby eventually dropped to sleep his fists remained tightly clenched as if he was determined to hate every minute.  An hour into the journey The Husband announced that we would be stopping soon to get petrol.  I became momentarily livid.  The worse thing to do with The Baby finally sleeping is to stop the car.  Dark looks between me and The Husband were exchanged through the rear view mirror. 

Three quarters of an hour later, the car was full of of petrol, The Baby - who had woken up - was full of milk, and we were all ready to go once more.   Less than an hour later, with the help of The Husband's DIY map and comments such as "my maps got it all, it's brilliant!" and "no, we don't' have an actual address, we're going to use homing instinct, how hard can it be?", we somehow managed to arrive at the house we were aiming for in Norfolk. 

Any stress from the journey was quickly forgotten.  Much food was consumed. The mulled wine flowed. The huge bonfire kept us all warm. And the fireworks went off with a almighty bang.  The Baby cooed and smiled in all the right places.  The Seven Year Old impressed us with his confidence and ability to slot into playing with the four Norfolk boys who he has only met once before. We relaxed, and had a really lovely family time.
Our return journey home was relatively unveventful, we even managed to stop off for a relaxing lunch en-route.  On entering the house The Seven Year Old says "aaaahhh...home sweet lovely home".  The Baby smiles and babbles happily.  We all agree - going away is great.  And coming home is even better.

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