Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Falling on deaf ears

The Seven Year Old appears to not hear much of what I say.  Correction.  The Seven Year Old usually does hear and understand what I say but selectively chooses to not listen.  This is unexpected.  Surely this shouldn’t begin happening for another 5 or so years? Naive?  Possibly.

In stark contrast The Baby appears to listen intently and hang on to every word I utter. Understanding nothing but soaking it all up whilst staring at me adoringly and rewarding the words and sounds with smiles and coos.  Make the most of it lady I tell myself….it’s all downhill on the listening front from here on in.

Thankfully, The Seven Year Old and The Baby do seem to listen to each other.  The Seven Year Old is an excellent big brother.   As for The Husband…he does a great job of appearing to listen but sometimes cracks under questioning.

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