Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Affairs of the hair

If you usually go to the same hairdresser each time why does it feel so wrong to try out a different hairdresser – to the point of feeling as if you are having an affair?    A recent phone call to the usual hairdresser informs me that a) he is booked up for the next week and b) he is then disappearing off on holiday for a fortnight .  So, where does that leave a girl who is desperate for a haircut?

Would it have been appropriate to have requested an appointment with another stylist at the same salon?  Well, yes, given that my usual hairdresser also owns the salon then he would have probably preferred that option to what actually happened.  On saying that I don’t think I could have taken the shame of such a blatant flaunt of infidelity. And so instead, an appointment was secured with ANOTHER STYLIST AT ANOTHER SALON.  There.  I said it.  Two days later the deed was done - the hair was cut, and the guilt ensued.

So, where does this leave me?  In the future do I return to the original hairdresser and in doing so be forced to admit to my infidelity? Or do I continue my affair?  With the usual hairdresser, we banter like siblings, he does an excellent job, I pay the earth. With the new hairdresser, we made awkward small talk, she did a good job, I paid a reasonable price. 

Decisions decisions.  

Maybe it’s time to grow the hair - when all is said and done, every girl needs a change from time to time.

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